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Design and New Product Introduction - lighting module

Design and production of new mobile runway lighting unit

In order to meet the needs of the customers a new simplified version of airport lamp was designed and manufactured. It is dedicated to mobile systems. The same light source, optic elements and some subassemblies were used as in a designed earlier and more developed radio-controlled and solar-powered lamp. The operation was simplified to the control by a single button. The lamp can be alight at 3 levels of brightness and additionally in a flash mode.
The power supply converter and very effective Cree diode LED optimise the operation time at a determined level of brightness. The integrated battery therefore ensures the full-power operation for about 6 hours. Then the lamp requires to be charged in a dedicated charging station.
The lamp standby time is 2 months.
The battery charge level is signalled by a single indicator.
The unit is monitored by STM 32-bit microcontroller with ARM core.
The enclosure ensures resistance to weather conditions.

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