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REC trolley-charger - badania EMC LVD

Hardware development for trolley-charger project

The production of information batch completed a multi-stage project carried out in cooperation with REC GLOBAL. BORNICO’s task was to develop hardware for trolley-charger appliance, to ensure the positive results of the compliance with (EMC and LVD) standards, required to receive CE markings, and to prepare the product for the production, optimal from the point of view of assumed amounts.

The purpose of the project was to achieve an appliance, the functionalities of which are similar to the today’s “power banks”. So, it is a specific USB charger, which can charge other devices from its batteries. However, this solution is intended to be used in travel bag trolleys, as their integral part. The electric generator, installed at the trolley wheel, charges the external Li-Ion batteries, whenever necessary, while baggage is drawn. But, it is assumed that the batteries will be typically charged from the power grid. Due to the embedded Bluetooth module, we can check by, among other things, a smart phone, whether our baggage is located within the range of around 100m. LED lighting is also installed inside the bag.