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mikroprocesorowy sterownik

Production of MSK Plus fireplace controller

MSK Plus controller is a modern fireplace appliance with alpha-numeric display, which can be used in all air inserts or inserts with water jacket. Air temperature, heated by the insert, or water temperature in the water jacket is the controlled value. The unit can control the temperature in three different points of the installation as well as it is able to control independently four devices, such as: pumps, fans or solenoid valves. Its purpose is to dose cold air (for combustion) from the outside to the combustion chamber by means of an electronic damper, in a maximally effective manner, keeping the setup value of the controlled temperature at the same time. Using this controller, we can save on wood even up to 30%, and already after 2 months of use we get the money back, paid for its purchase.

Controller functions:

  • independent control of four devices, e.g.: central heating pumps, fans or solenoid valves
  • precise dosage of air for combustion
  • protection from overheating
  • air flow shut-off in case of power failure
  • acoustic warning
  • protection of circulation water from freezing
  • after-season run-up of circulation pumps.