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elektronika do rekuperatora PHANTOM

Transition from design and research phase to production of PHANTOM recuperator electronic modules

On the request and in cooperation with ASPOL FV, we developed from the very beginning and launched series production of controllers for Windmaker Phantom recuperators. The recuperator is a device ensuring ventilation with heat recovery. Phantom units are designed for single-family buildings, office rooms or physicians’ offices.

The controllers have the following functions:

  • control panel with LCD display
  • weekly programmer
  • control of four temperatures (supply, exhaust, discharge, outdoor temperature)
  • continuous fan speed control
  • automatic bypass actuator control
  • automatic air source selection actuator control – from ground heat exchanger or wall intake
  • automatic activation of supplied air heater
  • integration with fire central unit

As part of the project, the EMC tests were (successfully) performed in the external laboratory, so the producer can issue a declaration of conformity of the product newly put on the market.