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Projekt lampy OLED

Project of OLED lamp with touch switch

In early December, a project of the lamp with OLED panel, developed for one of BORNICO’s customers, was completed. As part of the project, a working model was manufactured, which will be used in further works on the project, both with regard to the designer’s aspects and mechanical-constructional changes.
The lamp can be supplied directly from the ~230VAC power grid or from the 6V acid battery embedded inside the lamp, charged during the network operation. The processor system of the lamp performs the function of touch switch, which ensures the graduated adjustment of lamp brightness. The lamp housing is an active electrode of touch sensor. It should be underlined that due to the very sophisticated construction, the complete electronic modules with power supply and control unit were held in the lamp housing, which helped saving the costs of the external housing of power supply unit and not exceeding the assumed cost target.