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automat do montażu SMD YAMAHA YS12F

New SMD assembly machine – YAMAHA YS12F with ATS

This month, the SMD assembly line was extended by next YAMAHA YS12F machine, equipped with automatic tray changer ATS15. The device works as the final machine of the line (flexible mounter), intended for arrangement of bigger and more precise components. Due to the installation of the new machine, BORNICO production potential was increased. Beside the output increase, improved quality, connected with the specific nature of the machine, is also an important aspect.

BORNICO Yamaha YS12F montaż SMD


YAMAHA YS12F basic data (machine specification):

Model YS12F (Model : KKJ-000)
Applicable PCB L510mm x W460mm to L50mm x W50mm
Mounting accuracy Absolute accuracy(μ+3σ) +/-0.05mm/CHIP
Mounting tact 20,000CPH(under our optimum condition)
Component supply Tape reel, tray
Number of component types Tape package components: 106 types(Max/8mm tape reel conversion)Tray package conversion: 15 types(Max/JEDEC tray conversion)
Applicable components 0201 to 45x100mm, including ball type electrode components *32x32mm or more needs special nozzle set
Applicable height 15mm
Power supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/-10%
Air supply source 0.45MPa
External dimension L1,254 x W1,755 x H1,475mm (when ATS15 mounted; not include the projection)
Weight Approx. 1,370kg (when ATS15 mounted)