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Electronic, PCB design

Electronic, PCB design:



Electronic circuit design

From the beginning of the company activity, the design department has implemented projects of various electronic circuits – sophisticated analogue measuring circuits, digital and analogue control and measuring circuits, converters, displays, power supply units etc. Due to the long-term experience, gained upon development, we are able to undertake any project with regard to a wide range of different solutions – from simple circuits, to comprehensive solutions of systems on many PCBs, with numerous interfaces, displays, actuators etc.

PCB design

PCB design is an intrinsic part of works on development of new electronic devices. This is usually one of the stages of project conducted by the design department. However, in some cases, the printed circuit is developed on the basis of the scheme or description submitted by the customer. At this stage, the works on project technological adjustment, closing in formats and definition of reference points are carried out as well. All the projects are executed by one of the best tools intended for these purposes, i.e. Altium Designer.

Software for embedded systems

At present, control functions are performed by microprocessors or microcontrollers practically in all devices. Therefore, most projects, developed in our design office, have implemented one processor at least. The type of processor depends on the application. A wide range of products, available on the market – from simple 8-bit microcontrollers from several families (8051, AVR or PIC), through more advanced 16-bit ones (e.g. 16LX and 16FX Fujitsu), to the most efficient 32-bit processors – was used in the projects that were executed by our company. Specialised processors (e.g. Neuron for LonWorks network) or signal processors, constituting a distinct category, were also used in the selected projects. The signal processors included mainly the representatives of two families of 16-bit fixed-point processors (ADSP-21xx – Analogue Devices and 56800/E – Freescale) and the family of SHARK 32-bit floating-point processors. Software of the used processors is treated as an integral part of the project, and it is developed by the engineers employed in our company. Due to the variety of the processors, the program is developed, using many different software and hardware tools, in a number of programming languages – from the assembler appropriate for specific processor to C++.

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