Electronics design

Since the beginning of the company’s activity, our construction department has been implementing projects of various electronic systems – specialized, analog measuring systems, digital-analog control and measuring systems, converters, displays, power supplies, etc.

Now, years of experience allow projects to be made from a wide range of different solutions – from simple systems to comprehensive system solutions on many PCBs, with many interfaces, displays, actuators, etc.


Designing printed circuits

An integral part of the work on the creation of new electronic devices is designing printed circuits. This is usually one of stages of the project led by the construction department. However, it happens that the printed circuit is designed on the basis of a diagram or description provided by the customer. At this stage, work on developing the project technology, closing into formats, defining reference points, etc. is also led. All projects are made using one of the best tools – ALTRIUM DESIGNER.

Oprogramowanie do sterowników piecy retortowych   Finał projektu miniaturowego modułu UPS na szynę DIN


Software for embedded systems

Nowadays, we rarely come across devices in which control functions are not performed by a microprocessor or microcontroller. Therefore, most of projects created in our design office have at least one processor implemented. The processor type depends on the application.

In our projects, a wide range of systems available on the market has been used – from simple 8-bit microcontrollers of several families (8051, AVR or PIC) through more advanced 16-bit (e.g. 16LX and 16FX Fujitsu) to the most efficient 32-bit processors. For selected projects, we also used specialized processors constituting a separate group (e.g. Neuron for LonWorks network) or signal processors (16-bit fixed-point processors: ADSP-21xx–Analog Devices and 56800/E–Freescale or 32-bit floating-point SHARK processor).

The software of processors used is treated as an integral part of the project and is created by our company’s engineers. Due to the diversity of processors, the software is created using many different (software and hardware) tools, in many programming languages – ranging from Assembler, specific to a given processor, to C ++.