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Supply of materials and components as well as logistics is one of the greatest challenges for every company engaged in the field of contractual assembly of electronic modules. Due to thousands of varieties of components, hundreds of thousands of chips used every month, hundreds of suppliers, ever changing supply times, and, additionally, continuous price optimisation, the management of this part of the operation is a major task itself. Furthermore, quality of the operation of this process has direct consequences on the production cost/price of every article, which is critical from the point of view of the customer. Fortunately, the experienced employees, supported by well-functioning ERP, are able to meet this challenge. As a company, engaged in the field of OEM contractual assembly and production, we try to monitor the prices of the components on the continuous basis, searching for and selecting the suppliers and optimising the supplies in a manner, that the components used in production, have proper parameters and are sold at the best price. Our customers are therefore able to achieve competitive advantage on the market.

Supply chain and order logistics management significantly exceeds supply of components and shipment of final modules themselves. This additionally includes:

  • planning of orders basing on forecasts
  • analysis of states of the stocks in comparison with orders and forecasts to ensure a level of zero stoppages
  • continuous optimisation of prices of components
  • research for substitutes and new sources of supplies
  • quantitative optimisation of orders
  • optimisation of supply logistics
  • control of surpluses
  • optimisation of projects with regard to the use of common base of components to achieve economies of scale