Nowadays, in the time when the number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices (not including smartphones, tablets, laptops) exceeds the number of people in the world, the number of devices connected to the global network is even higher, and devices working under the control of a processor or microcontroller are actually everywhere – the role of the software is indisputable.

In the world of electronics dominated by digital circuits, even the simplest modules and devices without at least one controller are the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, the ability to create efficient, reliable, scalable software becomes a key skill and often determines the success of the entire project.

    Wdrożenie do produkcji elektroniki do rodziny wag laboratoryjnych serii Y

At BORNICO, we understand needs of our clients and try to meet requirements of today’s dynamically changing market, which is why we provide full programming support for projects, including:

    • project analysis in terms of selection of the right solution and appropriate software (selection of: the platform, software tools, specific processor/microcontroller, operating system, display, etc.),
    • firmware for controllers,
    • firmware for modules under Linux or Windows,
    • selection and/or development of transmission protocols,
    • PC software (test, service),
    • server software for mobile applications (solutions for communication and on-line service),
    • mobile software including PWA (Progressive Web Apps) websites,
    • preparation of graphic and GUI projects needed for applications with a graphic display,
    • expansion and optimization of systems created for the client’s needs


Projects and tasks are implemented independently by an experienced team of engineers and programmers. With very advanced orders, requiring the support of external companies, BORNICO cooperates with trusted partners so that the entire project is implemented in the most optimal way and maintains the best quality-price ratio.