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Whether we work on a new project, introduction into production, assembly of short prototype series, multi-series production, performance of order with relatively short lead times, quality of service is always the most important. Quality, not only in a popular sense of the term, but also understood as it is defined by ISO standards – as meeting the expectations of the customers, in striving for their satisfaction. Hence, in communication with the customers, we focus our attention on understanding of the needs of the individual companies. Maintaining quality is a continuous process, which in our organization is ensured by:

  • early identification of potential problems and threatsISO 9001
  • indication of place and cost reduction opportunity
  • improvement of quality
  • satisfaction of the customer with provided services
  • offer extension

due to:

  • statistic control, evaluation and optimisation of processes
  • continuous improvement and trainings
  • implementation of new technologies
  • modernisation of machinery park
  • introduction of even better procedures
  • communication with customers
  • maintenance of quality management system ISO 9001:2008

PCB quality control and assembly correctness, i.e. the basic criteria of the proper functioning of the company, engaged in contractual electronic module assembly, are performed at BORNICO’s factory at several stages – from incoming control, through the test related to the correct paste application by AOI 2.5D inspection embedded in the screen printer, profile control of reflow oven, assembly test by AOI instrument, and, additionally, by functional tests in case of production of finished modules or devices.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), to which 100% of manufactured PCB is subjected, is a perfect tool for continuous process control as well as for capture of possible defects, which must be corrected, that all PCBs are properly assembled. The rates of faults are very little, what gives considerable savings during the launch of production in the factory or at the site of the customer, ordering only assembly service.

MirtecUSA – Automated Optical Inspection system Desktop MV-2HT