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What makes us unique

What makes us unique? – We are always open to new challenges, flexible, creatively approaching to each question, whether for production, new project or new task, that seems to be not feasible sometimes. BORNICO means not only contractual electronic module assembly, but also comprehensive approach to electronic module design, implementation and production. Our philosophy, included in the wording “from idea to final product”, consequently performed every day, repeatedly has enabled our customers to meet their own needs and focus on the realisation of their own business goals, and not on the production and problems connected with the product development.

“From idea to final product”

The company is able to put the idea into practice thanks to our employees’ experience and our machinery park. A close cooperation of designers and production departments contributes to the development of the projects, taking into account the production capabilities, optimising the costs, minimising the risk of defects, and, consequently, ensuring a better and more cost-effective product. BORNICO’s greatest asset is intellectual potential. An experienced team of designers, active since the beginning of the company, is able to realise every project, from the idea to the initiation of the production. We carry out various kinds of orders, from simple to comprehensive systems, in which software, created also by BORNICO software developers, is an integral part.
The production in the Bornico plant includes mainly assembly of electronic components in all the commonly used technologies, both, in the surface-mount technology and in the through-hole technology. The company owes its flexibility to the several lines for the surface-mount technology. Thus, short and long series of the boards can be produced in the several variants at the same time. All the manufactured circuits are subject to the several stages of quality control, from the trials related to paste application by the screen printer with 2.5D optical inspection, through the AOI test, to the functional tests.
The components for assembly can be submitted by the customers, but the company completes them on its own, freeing the customers from providing their storage facilities. BORNICO has implemented the electronic document circulation system; however, the production management program enables optimisation of logistics and performance of orders.
In summary, the combination of modern technologies, huge intellectual potential and long-term experience, and the use of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 ensure that the services offered by the company are at the highest global level.