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Our plant has the EMC laboratory that performs environmental tests of devices with regard to conductive interference and radio frequency immunity as well as with regard to climate impact. The laboratory operates on the basis of the standard ISO-17025. The skilled team with long-term experience in the field of EMC and sets of instruments of reputable manufacturers allow performing the tests according to the standard and developing a successful design.

No. Standard No. Title Scope
1 PN-EN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic discharge immunity test (ESD). Electrostatic air discharge up to 16kV, electrostatic contact discharge up to 8 kV
2 PN-EN 61000-4-4 Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test (EFT/B). Electrical burst up to 4 kV for power supply circuits and I/O circuits.
3 PN-EN 61000-4-5 Surge immunity test (SURGE). Surge 1,2/50ms and 8/20ms up to 4kV for power supply circuits, telecommunication circuits.
4 PN-EN 61000-4-11 Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests (PQT). Voltage dips and short interruptions from 0% to 100% Un.